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September 16th, 2006

06:50 pm
I hate waiting forever to be picked up but atleast I'm getting out of here eventually.
Current Music: "Dead As The Rest" by For The Fallen Dreams

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September 8th, 2006

12:08 am
Fuck this.
shits not getting any better.
only good news is mine and joshes band is working out pretty good so far.
Current Music: "The Color Of Money" by Bury Your Dead

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September 1st, 2006

04:46 pm
yesterday was crazy as fuck. I went to school and all that and Cassie and Sean came and picked me up after school and we went over to kents to wait for zack and shit and while waiting I was listening to this hardcore band called "In Blood We Trust" and when a break down came on in one of the songs I shot up and swung my arms back busting a light bulb over it. and then zack got there and all that and we dropped people off and headed down to the cheap sex show. once we got down there and got in the show we found out that cheap sex and a few other bands didn't show so there were only 3 bands playing. nine tenths was the last band to play and the best of the night. but after that was over we drove back up to camden went to kents got some beer. everyone got drunk and everything was just fucking crazy. everyone was having to have all these private talks and shit. I called my mom around 1:15 telling her the show just got over so I could stay out later and shit then she was like "okay, hurry up and head home. remember it's a school night." so I figured maybe be home sometime around 2ish and I'll be good. and then sometime after I got off the phone with my mom cassie got the hickups so me and kent went the store to get sugar and we ran into coday and then juice. it was wierd as fuck. then we get back to the house and seans freaking out because he doesn't like coday so he decided to get in the car so I run outside to talk to him for a little and then I end up getting in the car and we were driving to go and see duncan but the gate was closed so we couldn't go and see him and by this time it's already after 3 so now seans starts taking me back to my house now and he starts swurving so I told him to let me drive and he did. I had to drive from downtown saint marys back to my house drunk. but I never swurved so that was good. so i get home and my mom opens the door and lets me in then I laydown but can't fall alseep and I have to get up for school at 7:30 so I'm fucked. and by the time it's time to go to school I'm so fucking tired that I can barely move so I convinced my mom to let me stay home from school today. but I don't know if I'm gonna be able to do anything today or not but oh-well.
Current Music: "Chug Chug" by As Blood Runs Black

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August 30th, 2006

11:12 pm
so that tropical storm or whatever it is now is comming through my town now i do believe so. I'm happy it's comming through though, I wish it was a lot bigger and stronger though, that would make it awesome as fuck.

and tomorrow I'm going to the cheap sex show. that should be plenty of fun.
Current Music: "Anthems of Apocalypse" by Winds Of Plague

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August 27th, 2006

12:05 pm
this was a pretty crazy weekend. it started out pretty good but slowly got worse and worse.
it seems like I'm losing the closest person to me and it sucks. I'm not sure what to really say or think about it other then if things keep getting worse I'll have nothing left for me in this town.

oh and apprently I'm an asshole.

and fuck do I miss TJ. that nigger needs to get out that stupid ass camp.
Current Music: "Livin' in exile" by Blood For Blood

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